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DR BROMBERG & SAMPLE ROAD ANIMAL HOSPITAL IN CORAL SPRINGS FLORIDA ARE HORRIBLE !!!!!!After a simple neuter surgery my poor 9 month old english bulldog got a horrible infection and massive abscess and multiple contusions.

He couldn't even lay down for 2 day and when I took him back in Dr Bromberg was so condescending I could barely contain myself. All he did was talk in circles and cover his own ***. I am a nurse practitioner and I very well know what causes these situations. When Dr Rosenberg told me he must have done it to himself and caused dome "soft tissue injury" - really?

- does that also cause a rectal temp of 104.7 with an elevated white blood cell count? I have my boy under the care of a qualified, competent vet now, so he is doing better, but is left with a large wound and skin flap that is no where near the incision site.


Review about: Unprofessional Surgery.



i am sorry about your bulldog. I will be trignt o buy this building and making it the best doggie daycare in broward all are welcome


I just went on google to look up the number for the animal hospital when I came across this website.I have to say that my story is very similar to hers in regards to the horrible infection.

I brought my dog there for a neuter because Dr. Bromberg's hospital is one of the hospitals that is on the list for the low cost spay program in my area. After we brought our dog home, he was acting very funny. Before I knew it, his whole body was covered in red welts and he was literally crying from the agony.

It turned out to be a horrible staph infection. He did check the dog out for a “free” follow-up-if you consider "free" to be well over $200. By the time all was said and done, my $25 neuter turned out to be over $300 (including pain meds, prednisone shot, antibiotics…etc). I cannot begin to describe the feeling that came over me when I went to the front desk to check out.

I felt so blindsided by the staff because, while you’re in the office, no one-including the doctor-is telling you how much all of the medication they’re putting into him is going to cost. Once you’re at the front desk, you don’t have a choice and have to pay for the treatment-a treatment that I felt I was not financially responsible for because my dog was not sick before his visit to the hospital and certainly not something that just magically happened in the short time that he was home after the surgery. Staph infections generally happen at hospitals and not homes, so I’m convinced that he came into contact with it either while he was open on the table or in the crate they put him in to recover. I seriously thought that I was the only one that had gone through something like this.

Oh and if I may add this: there is a reason why I qualified for the low cost spay program. To have something like this happen to your animal is financially devastating. To have a doctor not take even partial responsibility for a medical condition that very well could have, and most likely did, occurred while the animal was in his care, is emotionally devastating. If he would have met me halfway, I would have not left the hospital feeling like I had just been violated.

I guess it’s time to look for a new vet…As a side note, the doctor is your typical vet-typical as in they all come with some hint of arrogance. Put that aside & he seems like a nice guy. My post is not meant to harm him, just as a wake up call.

If there are two of us that had a complication after our dogs were fixed, then there are definitely more people out there.I hope that this will open his eyes and make him aware that he should consider implementing new cleaning procedures to avoid more animals from having to go through such agony.


Dr.Bromberg is the MOST amazing vet in the world.

We have brought three of our dogs there and I would never bring them to anyone else. The staff and Dr. Bromberg treats every animal like they are their own. This is the only vet everyone should use if you live in south florida.

I just took my dog yesterday to get neuter and he is doing amazing. When I picked him up Dr. Bromberg explained everything to me and sat with me for however long I needed to make sure I knew exactly what I needed to know in order to make sure he would be great once I brought him home.

He is a very gentle vet.:grin :zzz :)


I'm sorry to hear about the situation with your bulldog.However, people that read this should also know that my family has been taking our pets, (both dogs and cats) to Dr.

Bromberg since 1985.They have always received first rate care from him and the entire staff, and I can say without reservation that there is nobody I trust more when it comes to the health of our pets.


The patient ultimately responded to antibiotic therapy. This was a rare, but unfortunate case. :?

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